Caleb Metal Dining Chairs Tolix Style with Mid-Backrest - Matte Black

by Bronte Living

SKU: BIC-10-90130-00

This chair has been designed to bring an industrial touch to any space. A comfortable medium backrest has been included to add a special industrial comfort. The frame is made up of four legs that give you a very stable seat, while the footrests give you the comfort to take the weight off after a long day. Each leg is finished with a plastic floor protector. 

This item is available only in a set of 4 chairs.

Ligero y duradero
Deslizadores de goma para proteger el suelo.
Dimensiones: 33" HX 17 ½ " DX 17 ½ "W
Dimensiones del asiento: 14 ½ " X 14 ½ "
Material del marco: Metal
Peso: 11 libras
Capacidad de peso: 330 libras

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